Friday, October 22, 2010

Scenery background Project - Garden


I've just completed a background scenery which I inspired from a beautiful garden in Bukit Tinggi 3 - Parklands in Klang, Selangor, Malaysia. Actually I'm experimenting a new method (to me) called negative space drawing. More about it can be read here: Sibleyfineart

Below is the picture which I used for reference :
Because I'm still new in that drawing method, I have difficulty using it for too long. For example, I started with the center hedges. Drawing the details took around 2 hours+ and when I finish on that part and try to work on the rightmost hedges, the details vary and look really sketchy compared to the previous one as shown below (click to enlarge)

Of course I frustrated and stop working for that day. The next day I redo the rightmost hedges from scratch again.

The details are now on par with the center hedges. It really satisfied me. The rest except the background are done using similar method but I keep a long break before I start the next part. It took 3 days to complete the artwork.

The drawing are a little bit tilted like on a hill so I ignored the rest of the elements on the picture and decided to do a simple background.

The background are the last part that I do and I use a simpler soft painting method. It took around 45 minutes to complete. At first I do afraid the soft painting wont fit the sharp high contrast foreground but after completing it, I think it justified the overall painting, from sharp closer foreground to soft blurry background. Well it might be my excuse for my laziness but hehe who cares.

I'm aiming to draw a background in 1 day limit as I'm planning to use a lot of them on my project later.

As usual the tools used are :
Photoshop CS4
Wacom Intuos 3 PTZ 930

Plus a very great reference for negative space drawing at Sibleyfineart .

Thank you for your visit.


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