Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fan art Wallpaper - Naruto VS Sasuke WIP 1

I'm really fascinated by naruto fighting scene compared to Bleach. The fight look very detailed and full of action. I'm trying to capture the best moment from Naruto fighting scene, and this one are inspired from episode before Shippuden seasons.

I've updated their proportion and clothings to match them on Shippuden. So here it is, Naruto VS Sasuke. Its still work in progress, as you can see here the only thing that is done is the sky.

As you can see, there is a splash of water there, because in the episode in which I inspired of, they are fighting on a lake side below a high cliff, and they just came out from the water which they both being thrown down.

I'm experimenting different technique for the clouds, and I feel it works. I'll post more as I progress.

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