Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Fanart Wallpaper - Sawada Tsunayoshi XGlove Version Vongola Ring

Hi guys, its me again after a long dawn. Sorry didn’t update the blog much but Im still working with my artwork. To date I’ve created 3 wallpapers and 2 of it has been submitted to I like the forum very much because there are very good users that give me a good critics here and there, which help me to improve my work very much.

Okay so let me introduce my first of the 3 artwork I’ve done lately. Introducing Fan-artwork from Katekyoushi Hitman reborn, Sawada Tsunayoshi Xglove version vongola ring. The background is created using 3D Studio Max but because I’m still learning the software so the output from the 3D were edited heavily using Photoshop. Below is the step by step how I do the wallpaper.

As usual, I do the pose skeleton first, then the rough body sketch, and finally refining it based on screenshots.

Coloring process is quite easy as the screenshot provide good enough details for me to refer from. Plus the character is quite simple.

For the background, I try to draw a factory scenery from the photo I got from the net but the result are not very satisfying, so I make my mind and do the background with 3D instead.

The character with the unsatisfying backgrounds..

So here is the 3D version of the factory. Created with 3Ds Max the modeling process goes very smooth but because I’m still learning the software so the output from the 3D were edited heavily using Photoshop. The end result is as seen on the first picture posted above.


joshy said...

WOW..this is ostentatious!!!!!!

may i ask what kind of software did you use??

this is awesome..magnifico..

animous said...

Hi there,
I use 3dsmax for modeling and Photoshop for compositing and painting.

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