Friday, August 8, 2008

My Favourite Food

This is my latest work done in my computer modeling class, which teach me how to use Adobe illustrator. In the lab we learn how to make apples, but I do my own favourite food instead. The green fruit there is Guava, the small dark purple is blackcurrant and the pink colored fruit is..... err I dont know what its name in english, but in Malaysia we call it "Jambu air" which direct translation to english is "water guava" <- haha...

Currently I'm not doing any anime type of work, as I'm focusing on learning 3D modeling and OpenGL programming as I'm taking those class this semester. quite boring and frustrating but this is essential for my future I'd say.

By the way, my fan art wallpaper is little outdated as I've modified somethings after several critique on animewallpapers. But I dont finish it yet (since May) as I suddenly lost focus to my work and instead I do many unnecessary things.... haha quite long to explain here.

The thing is I will always do something else after I go hometown when each of the semester ends (I live in my college hostels every semester). I do enjoy it but after the semester start, I always end up frustrating on what I've done before.. which is wasting time. Now I only have 1 semester left to study and I still dont have enough knowledge to reach my ambition. The university failed to teach me anything useful instead of stupid subject which is unrelated to graphics and multimedia at all.

What's the use of "Management information systems", "System Analysis and Design" and "Digital Logic" for me? Does that useful for 3d modeling? photoshops???

Hah nevertheless I know the truth is cruel enough and I've decided that I need to learn all those things myself. And now only 1 semester left.. which is exactly 4 to 5 months left. Can I learn all that I want myself? I afraid to doubt anything, so I just do it the best I can.

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