Friday, March 14, 2008

Fan-art | Dark Keiichi - Bleach X Ah! My Goddess

Dark Keiichi - Bleach X Ah! My Goddess

Thanks for reading my blog.
Its been a while since i've posted updates in this blog. Although is that, I'm still actively
working with my artworks, which you can see on my deviants.
The update for the blog and in my deviantart is somehow repititious
but I'm using deviantart to post my latest artwork, where else i'm
using this blog to tell a step by step process on how I do
my artwork.
Updating both takes time so there will be a gap of update
time between this two sites although the update is about
the same artwork.

Okay~ enough about my personal problems, now its time for the artwork.
Introducing my latest artwork; Dark Keiichi - Bleach X Ah! My Goddess is
my second (sorry for my mistake in deviantart that I said this is the first, actually my Cloud VS kratos artwork is the true first)
crossover fan-art.

Draw in photoshop using tablet, then vectoring in SAI paint Tool and coloring in photoshop.

Below is a step by step on how I do the drawing :

Sketching Keiichi Skeleton

Sketching Keiichi Body

Adding his clothes

Keiichi sketch finished
Sketching Grimmjow body pose skeleton

Fix Grimmjow skeleton pose

Sketching his body and head

Draw his hand

Draw his clothes, sword and detailing several parts.
Combine Grimmjow with Keiichi

Vectoring using SAI paint tool
Base coloring
Add darker / lighter color shades using soft shading method

Why I choose Grimmjow as his angel? because he's my favourite character in bleach and I thought he is more suitable to become an angel for keiichi instead of Ichigo (as I shortlisted to those 2 as his angel).

So the drawing took 2 days I think.. and the coloring takes about 3~4 days. Before this drawing I used to finish coloring my drawing in a days, but the result is a bit sloopy so I decided to relax my coloring time a bit to increase precision and quality.

The background is created in 4~5 hours, without any idea in my head I just keep playing around with plugin while experimenting stone textures as its base. After several trial and error the result is the one you see there..

The character did not blend well because the bg color theme does not match with the color mood of the characters as they was colored with a bright environment in mind. I'm still searching a workaround for this.

I hope you enjoy the wallpaper. Comment and critics are always welcome~

Tools of Trade : Photoshop CS3, SAI Paint Tool, Stone textures from, Tablet.


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