Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Many changes~!!

Hello and Happy new year, I hope its not too late... ahahahah

Many month have gone since my last post, due to my stupid timetable arrangement.. I didnt manage time for my blogging..

So many thing has happen to me, firstly, I got my first scholarship in my life, which is YTN (Yayasan Tenaga Nasional) for my studies, then after half-ing the money with my mum, half of my share was used for repairing our long serving Proton Saga car (since 1990 I think), and thats now my car. Half more plus my wages for doing a project for my college I bought my Wacom Intuous 3 9x12 PTZ-930 tablet.

Wacom Intuos 3 Tablet (Samples from Internet)

To tell the truth, my mum was very mad at me when I bought the tablet because at that time my family has a financial problem, which is caused by our sibling want to borrow our money for their son wedding (which I hate most). Till today my mum still asking what is the purpose of the tablet and what I've done with it. Of course I use it but it takes time to produce something good with it..

Naaahh now about my car.. After send it for service(cost about RM1500 plusplus), driving the car feel as good as new car. But some problem occur including overheating (caused by malfunction radiator), Radio sounds like handphone speakers and some minor problem.
For the radio, I bought a second-hand amplifier which cost me RM50 only and install it DIY. The result, my radio now sound boom2 abit.. ahahahh..
For the overheat problem, just last week the radiator has been send to service and uninstall/install it back DIY. Now no problem.

Wahahah but at that day I gatal tangan and want to open the car spark plug. But because of using wrong socket (the thing like to open a nut but has longer grip which is called socket and a twister), I cracked the spark plug. The result? my car can only go near 60KM\h only and to climb bukit I need to switch to gear 1.. same like jalan kaki...

Back to the project...
Now after I bought the wacom (which is second day before Raya aidilfitri 2007), I still learning how to use it. Currently playing around with Corel Painter 9.5 Sofware to create drawings, but still at very low level..

But just recently (2 weeks ago) My 400GB Samsung hardisk PCB burned because of the faulty power cable. Too much valuable things in there, so I planned to recover it by sending it to RMA. My current OS hardisk only have 1GB left so its damn hard to do work especially using heavy software such as Photoshop and Painter. Till my scholarship for this semester banked in I can only proceed my work very little at a time.

Meanwhile, last week I just finish watching a 50 episodes fansubbed Eureka SeveN, very good anime, I could give 4.9 over 5.0 ratings!. It has very high moral values, science fiction anime that can be very touching to those who watch it. I recommend watching it! It really inspires me to my project and could be my greatest project guidelines ever.

Eureka seveN


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